Who can register in the Bodybuilder Database?

Basically every body builder (BB) can register providing it has a DUNS number, is prepared to submit its master data and accepts a data protection agreement.

What is DUNS number?

A DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number is a nine-digit numerical code. It provides a means of identifying companies all over the world. This allows companies to be allocated in relation to their parent companies, subsidiaries, headquarters and branches. A DUNS number is a prerequisite for registration in the Bodybuilder Database. The number is available free of charge from the bisnode of D&B Deutschland GmbH at:

What is a main administrator?

Several people can be registered in the Bodybuilder Database under the name of one company. The person whom the company registers first is automatically the main administrator. He/she can add other people to his/her company, and they then receive their own access. Only the main administrator can apply for other employee accesses for the company. If you wish to change the main administrator of your company, please get in touch with the contact who is responsible for you.

What will I find in the Bodybuilder Database?

The Bodybuilder Database provides body builders with a convenient and easy way of downloading body builder guidelines, technical drawings and foil templates for vehicles on the basis of Volkswagen commercial vehicles. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of obtaining CAD data for the vehicles in various formats by post. The test bodies can also be ordered here.

Are circuit diagrams for all Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles available for download?

Yes, these can be downloaded. You will need to have access to the "erWIN" system (subject to a fee) Circuit diagrams for the individual models are available for download there.

What are test bodies?

Test bodies are painted or primered bodies with defects that you can use for example for installation or towing tests, as well as for legal acceptances. Make direct use of the possibility of obtaining different test body variants from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Where can I find the appropriate contact partner?

You can find the contact partner who is responsible for you in the logon area under the "Contact" menu.

What countries/languages can I obtain information for?

The Bodybuilder Database is available to you in the following languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and German.

What can I do if I have mislaid my login details and/or forgotten my password?

  • Partners: please contact Support CustomizedSolution (
  • VW employees & importers: please contact your local Dealer Portal administrator or the Sales Application Service Desk (

Body builder guidelines.

Use our detailed technical guidelines for designing and installing add-ons and conversions for Volkswagen commercial vehicles.