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Carlsen was originally founded in Denmark in 1885 as a manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages. Since 1929, the company has been developing and manufacturing temperature-controlled transport solutions. Having started as a small family business, Carlsen has gradually grown into an internationally recognized company. Since 2005, the main activities of the company were transferred to a newly established subsidiary Carlsen Baltic in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Carlsen Baltic is a market leading manufacturer of lightweight refrigerated truck bodies for frozen, chilled and multi-temperature food distribution, as well as fully-equipped food trucks and trailers. Our products are ideal for ice cream and frozen food, home delivery, food distribution, and catering industries. A team of dedicated engineers works together with our customers to develop the best solution for their business needs. Constant innovation and focus on quality enable us to maintain weight and efficiency leadership within the deep freeze distribution industry in the EU. 

Our signature product, lightweight freezer truck bodies for light commercial vehicles, is ideal for inner-city distribution and last-mile deliveries in residential areas. Zero-emission eutectic refrigeration system used in Carlsen bodies is an eco-friendly, reliable and maintenance-free alternative to conventional cooling. It has full autonomy, maintaining cold chain integrity even when the vehicle engine is off. Over 15.000 light commercial vehicles were produced by Carlsen in the last decades. Most of them are still being operated by drivers all over Europe and beyond.  



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Carlsen Baltic UAB
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