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Inserat – Ingimex – 001

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Volkswagen Transporter Pickup Concept with Load Tipping Facility

Ingimex Ltd

Amarok not available.
Caddy not available.
Crafter not available.
Transporter available.

A pickup concept with rear tip facility for the Transporter chassis cab, designed exclusively for Volkswagen.


Product description


The Transporter Tipping Pickup Concept offers a 1 tonne payload for the first time on a vehicle in this segment. Designed exclusively for the Volkswagen Transporter chassis cab, this body complements the vehicle’s aesthetics with a tubular bulkhead and underbody footsteps which align with the cab’s profile. Ingimex have engineered this body to suit both the T30 and T32 chassis, and both the 3 metre and 3.4 metre wheelbases. This provides body lengths from 2.4m to 2.7m providing up to 5m2 of load space. Due to its compact proportions and low overall vehicle mass, the pickup is ideal for urban applications such as municipal authorities, or artisan builders and gardeners operating in confined city environments. The side-loading and rear-tip functions of the pickup allow for flexible load handling and with payloads of 800kg to 1030kg, you don’t need to compromise on carrying capacity. Alternatively, you can omit tipping functionality in pursuit of an additional 200kg payload and an increased load area of up to 5.6m2 with the Transporter Pickup. This variant is also available on double cab chassis.


Technical data

Vehicle base Transporter
Body weight 420kg – 450kg
Payload 800kg – 1030kg
External dimensions of the converted vehicle 538cm x 200cm x 206cm
Permissible total weight 3.2t


Ingimex Ltd

Halesfield 19

TF7 4QT, Telford

United Kingdom